Andrew Comiskey

Andrew Comiskey

Founder and Director, Desert Stream Ministries

Andrew has been the leader of Desert Stream/ Living Waters ministries since 1980. As various men and women around the world have been blessed by the ministry of Living Waters, there has been a desire for trainings to be facilitated. Out of these international trainings, local groups have been raised up and it is Andrew’s joy to see groups happening ecumenically across the whole world, from Europe to Asia to Central and South America.

+1 816-767-1730

Abigail Foard

Abigail Foard

Executive Director, Desert Stream Ministries

Abigail came on staff with Desert Stream in 2016 and has been blessed to partner with Andrew in facilitating the international trainings. She loves connecting with international leaders who desire to see sexual and relational healing in their churches and nations and she loves being a witness to the amazing ways that the Lord unites hearts cross-culturally in His healing work. Abigail longs to see new Living Waters groups running in even more nations all over the world.

+1 816-767-1730 ext. 805

Daniel Delgado

Daniel Delgado

Aguas Vivas Coordinator, Desert Stream Ministries

Daniel is a staff member in Kansas City and being a Spanish-speaker, he has naturally flowed into being the coordinator of Aguas Vivas — the Spanish speaking arm of Living Waters.  His own Mexican-American heritage gives him a great passion for seeing groups raised up in the Hispanic world. Daniel loves working with all the leaders in Central and South America who are bringing healing to their churches and nations through Living Waters.

+1 816-767-1730 ext. 806

There are Living Waters groups running throughout the world.

See the following list for a contact person in your country. He/she can help you find the group closest to you.

*If there is no group in your area, please reach out to Abigail Foard at to learn about the process of starting Living Waters groups in your city/ nation! 

Kansas City, USA

Cordoba, Argentina

Warsaw, Poland

Santiago, Chile

Manila, Philippines

Kaunas, Lithuania

Riga, Latvia

Avignon, France

Guadalajara, Mexico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Guápiles Limón, Costa Rica

Ubon, Thailand

Whangarei, New Zealand

Shillong, India

Argentina Living Waters

Daniel Quinteros and Maria Ines Prat, Cordoba Argentina

Email: and 


Chile Living Waters

Ruth Olave y Ignacio Aguirre, Santiago Chile


Tel. Contacto: 5624181634

Website: Comunidad Cristiana La Viña Providencia Ministerio Sanidad

Costa Rica Living Waters

Danny Banines, Guápiles Limón Costa Rica


Phone: +506 8641 2912

France Living Waters

Werner and Charlotte Loertscher  / Claude Reiss


Find a group:

India Living Waters

Bobby Marpna


Latvia Living Waters

Ilze Kurša-Briede: Riga, Latvia


Lithuania Living Waters

Vilma Karveliene; Kaunas, Lithuania

Mexico Living Waters

Meric Liliana Pérez Preciado y Francisco León, Guadeljara Mexico

Email: (Meric); (Francisco)

Phone: +521 3310406980 (Meric); +521 3310406980 (Francisco)

New Zealand Living Waters
Poland Living Waters

National Chaplain: ks. Józef Furczoń SCJ


Find a group:

Philippines Living Waters

Benji and Hazel Cruz


Phone: +632-5713904 / +632-9560637

Mobile number: +639-088115824

Find a group

Puerto Rico Living Waters

Miguel Ramos: San Juan, Puerto Rico


More information:

Thailand Living Waters

Sue Hunt


Phone: 095-067-1938


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